Since the inception of our company, the leader group is putting the emphasis on the image of our company and the quality of the staff. The company exerts itself to construct the best working environment for the staff, and keep strengthening the personnel qualify and image, so as to construct the working environment with highly modern characteristic.
At the same time, the company emphasizes especially the master spirit in the staff. We advocate the study and communication among the staff. We build library, and formulate a reasonable set of institution about library management. Besides that, we also hold the meeting regularly to exchange the experience and feeling among the staff, and set many training program in order to hold discussion and training in all the institution.
Moreover, the company attaches important to enrich the staff recreational activities. We arrange the staff outside activities regularly, set the entertainment center, and hold culture-activities. The company also formulates the reasonable system of rewards and penalties for the sake of mobilizing the staff, and inspiring them to improve.